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These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding contract that governs your use of the site each time you place an advertisement. Before using the site, you are therefore responsible for carefully reading this document. Your use of the stoleniPhones site is conditioned by the acceptance of our Privacy Policy and the application of these Terms and Conditions. By using stoleniPhones, you declare that you have fully accepted these rules. Otherwise, you will not be authorized to use it. Please note that stoleniPhones reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, so we advise you to check them periodically.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this contract, any other section of the site, or if you have encountered technical problems while using the site, do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Information available on stoleniPhones
The information you find on the stoleniPhones site, as well as the reports sent by the Users, are the result of their spontaneous and unverified statements. stoleniPhones disclaims any responsibility for the truthfulness of the information on the site. Furthermore, stoleniPhones and Insight cannot in any case be held responsible for any inaccurate or mendacious statements. By registering with MacRubato, you declare that you are aware of these conditions and agree to indemnify Insight and stoleniPhones against any claim for compensation and / or compensation claimed by you and / or third parties as a result of the publication of the aforementioned information.

2. Content (Announcements and Reports)
Ads that are on stoleniPhones are entered spontaneously by Users who decide to provide this information. Each User who places an Announcement on stoleniPhones has the right to delete it, update it, modify it. It is forbidden to use the services provided by stoleniPhones to spread blasphemous, obscene, vulgar, derogatory, abusive, improper, racist, incitement to religious, political or ethnic hatred or that are in any way harmful to third party rights or that, in any case , are against the law, public order or morality. The User who inserts his / her own announcement agrees to hold stoleniPhones harmless from any claims for compensation, claimed by third parties, linked to the violation of these provisions and is therefore solely responsible for the public contents and the truthfulness of his / her statements and the validity of the information it provides.

2.1 Good faith and fairness
In the use of the services provided by stoleniPhones you are required to behave according to the canons of good faith and fairness. Any activity that infringes on the rights of third parties or that may even simply harass third parties is prohibited, or in any way directly or indirectly prejudices MacRubato, such as: sending e-mails or annoying messages; dissemination of malicious software content (viruses, advertising, spyware, malware, etc.); infringement of others' copyright; unauthorized detection of personal data of others. In this situation, a notification will be sent by stoleniPhones to the police post.

2.2 Spamming
The dissemination of advertising or commercial messages is prohibited, without the prior written consent of MacRubato. The disturbance of public order, perpetrated through the tools and services made available by stoleniPhones sand understood as spamming, search for votes, sending unsolicited e-mails in private or with public messages, illegal loading of pages, flooding of messages or messages excessively long, may result in cancellation from the Site.

2.3 Cancellation and liability of the user
Violation of the principles in points 2.1 and 2.2, in addition to the civil and criminal liability of those responsible, may result in immediate cancellation and inhibition from the use of all system services, at MacRubato's unquestionable judgment.

2.4 Copyright
stoleniPhones will not be held responsible for the publication of photos, texts and any content on which you have no rights. stoleniPhones will immediately report, where possible, to the competent authorities any abuse, and may suspend the service of those who violate the laws on copyright and copyright. stoleniPhones will not be responsible for such violations but will be directly responsible for the violation to answer personally.

2.5 Responsibility
Without prejudice to all previous and subsequent bans present here, stoleniPhones clarifies that the subscribers use the services of the Site in their exclusive interest, at their sole risk and under their sole responsibility. stoleniPhones cannot in any way be held responsible for any type of content conveyed by the subscribers, either in the form of an announcement or a report, or in relation to or due to minor users, who have managed to register as a result of false declarations.

2.6 Control
stoleniPhones is not required to carry out any control activity on the legality, truthfulness, validity, accuracy, deception of the contents conveyed by its members, either in the form of an announcement of loss of an object, or in the form of voluntary reporting. In any case, stoleniPhones reserves the right to refuse and / or delete on its own initiative or on the notice of others, and in its sole discretion, the contents it deems unsuitable.

2.7 Private messages (reports)
The messages sent to the other Users could, in violation of the present conditions and in contrast with the will and the philosophy of MacRubato, be considered inappropriate for the sensitivity of some people, offensive or even illegal; in this case the registered User recognizes and accepts that the exclusive responsibility is to be attributed to the infringer and recognizes the absolute extraneousness of MacRubato. stoleniPhones also invites all those Users who have received offensive messages to immediately report such abuses.

2.8 Communication of navigation data
Each time a user checks a device by entering a code, the service records its IP address and the Agent. In the event that the code entered belongs to one of those reported on the site, the system will send such navigation data to the user who has reported a theft indicating the same code. By using the search functions on this site, you declare yourself aware of this functionality and you undertake to keep Insight and stoleniPhones undamaged, from any possible claim of indemnity and / or compensation claimed by you and / or third parties following such communication of data.

2.9 Service continuity
stoleniPhones reserves the right to suspend or interrupt, even permanently, at any time and without notice the online presence of the Site and / or the provision of the services contained therein or connected to it.

3. Payment and transactions
The insertion of an announcement on the site stoleniPhones takes place upon payment of the amount due. Payment is via a secure server connection and is completely managed by PayPal. stoleniPhones does not know or keep any data relating to the payment methods used. The payment for the insertion of an announcement of theft or loss gives the user the right to publish on the site in a constant manner, as long as the service is active. No reimbursement is envisaged and under any circumstances.

4. Badge for the sale
It is specified that the sales badge that each user, upon registration, can create starting from the serial number or IMEI of a device, represents a confirmation of absence of the same serial / IMEI within the group of ads on the site and does not constitute a legal guarantee. The user who generates a badge for the sale is authorized to use it in his announcements within these conditions and in good faith. Any violation of these conditions or bad faith or false statements made by the user are to be attributed solely to his responsibility.

5. Advertising Messages
From time to time, registered users of stoleniPhones may receive commercial communications from the service, to the e-mail address and / or telephone number provided during registration. These commercial communications are intended to subsidize the activity of the service. By registering, you explicitly accept this condition and you agree to keep Insight and stoleniPhones undamaged, from any claim for indemnity and / or compensation claimed by you and / or third parties following the receipt of such advertising messages. In any case, we assure you that your data will never be communicated or sold to third parties for any reason.